Hot Diggity Dogs Activities

Striker in Roseneath 2010

Flyball Racing is lots of fun!

Puissance, wow!

Puissance (High Jump) Wow!

Disc/Frisbee nabbing is great fun.

hddhoopDiggity Dogs do really crafty tricks!


Natalie, member

I have been with Hot Diggity Dogs for a long time. Every one of my dogs get to play and learn new things all the time.

Judy, member

HDD…fun with your dog, fun with your friends.

Denny, member

Anyone can have fun with this club! We welcome all breeds and speeds. Everyone plays.

Irene, member

Everyone gets to play. My first dog was little and very slow but she still got to race and enjoy flyball. I’ve been with the club 16 years because of that great policy.