What is Flyball?


A young Domino racing in 2004

Flyball is one of the fastest growing dog sports.

It is a relay race involving teams of 4 dogs, 4 jumps and a box which tosses a ball. One at a time, the dogs race over the jumps to trigger the box, retrieve their ball and return over the jumps as fast as possible. The next dog then starts its run. Two lanes of dogs race side by side. The first team to have all 4 of their dogs complete the course wins the heat.

It is exciting, fast action and a real crowd pleaser. The handlers are involved just as much as the dogs and everyone has a great time.

 Hot Diggity Dogs Flyball Club is a member of the North American Flyball Association.

Carrying box

Carrying the flyball box

Our philosophy is…..TO HAVE FUN with our dogs.

Hot Diggity Dogs welcomes all breeds, ages and speeds. Total equality of all dogs is the basis upon which the club was founded.

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