Who are the Hot Diggity Dogs?

Our philosophy is…..
TO HAVE FUN with our dogs.
Hot Diggity Dogs welcomes all breeds, ages and speeds. Total equality of all dogs is the basis upon which the club was founded.


Diggity Dome for all-weather practice


The Hot Diggity Dogs Flyball Club is a recreational dog club founded in 1999 by Natalie and Denny Cornell. In 2010, Hot Diggity Dogs became a registered Not For Profit Corporation.

As a group, they practice flyball weekly in a large, bright indoor facility. The club also performs flyball demos at many local events such as festivals, fund raisers, and fairs. On the racing level, they compete in flyball tournaments across Ontario, Quebec and into the USA. When not playing flyball, the club dabbles in disc, Freestyle Dancing, trick training and a variety of dog activities.


Daisy was the founding dog for the club in 1999.

Daisy was the founding dog for the club in 1999.

For more information please call Natalie or Denny Cornell at (613) 398-0002 or email
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