What you need to know about Hot Diggity Dogs


  • Saturday mornings 10:00am to noon from February to the end of May. After that we schedule practices ‘as needed’ between public performances and tournament racing.

  • Practices are not mandatory but as they are focused on training your dog it is important to attend. We do all sorts of fun training that helps to strengthen the working bond between you and your dog!


The dogs love running in the soft sand


All set to practice in our large indoor facility

Flyball Demos (public performances)

There are public performances throughout the summer and fall Cracker racing 2015that are mandatory for members to attend (and they are
lots of fun too!).

  • Hot Diggity Dogs is a registered not-for-profit club. This means we need to do paid performances in order to raise money for the club. We do approximately 8 flyball demos at local fairs and festivals.

These demos are a great training tool, getting your dog used to crowds and different environments. Plus you get to show off your dog! We dabble in disc, dog tricks and perform a Puissance (power jumping) segment in addition to flyball.

Racing at Tournaments

Rick and Madigan prepare to race

 Tournaments are totally OPTIONAL, and they are always held on weekends. Attending a tournament with your dog is loads of fun. Tournaments run  from April through November. All dogs start as “warm up” dogs at tournaments until they are ready to race. We attend tournaments all over Ontario and into Quebec. In the nicer weather we camp at the site or share motel rooms if needed.

Email: natrat@xplornet.ca Tel.: 613 398-0002 Facebook Page