Fees and Dues

  • Beginner Member dues are $60 for your six practice session.
  • Regular Membership fees for Hot Diggity Dogs are $20.00 per month for your first dog then an additional $5.00 per month for any additional dogs that you have in training.

  • Dues are collected every 3 months and are paid year-round.
  • During the winter months we meet every Saturday morning for doggy play dates!
  • Club uniforms are mandatory for all public performances. Cost is around $38. Sometimes used shirts are available at a reduced cost.

  • If you decide to enter tournaments there will be sign up boards in the Diggity Dome; warm up dogs are $10.00, a shared spot is $20.00 and a full race spot is $40.00.

Leaving the race building after a great weekend!

Leaving the race building after a great weekend!

 For more information please call Natalie or Denny Cornell at (613) 398-0002 or email
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Email: natrat@xplornet.ca Tel.: 613 398-0002 Facebook Page