Mini DiscDogathon

The Hot Diggity Dogs again braved the cold today to have a little fun with their dogs.

We are hosting a Skyhoundz disc dog weekend in September. In order to be prepared, we started to learn some of the games involved in a DiscDogathon today. We managed to play Time Trial, Bulls Eye and Spot Landing. It was a lot of fun. Even the beginner dogs were able to participate. Most of the games involve a basic ability to toss and fetch a disc.  The main goal is to be able to throw in a certain direction and distance. It was a fun challenge. Visit our Facebook page for a view of the action. A video shows Louie was able to win the Time Trial easily.

Visit the Skyhoundz web site for a full discription of the DiscDogathon games. We hope to have more disc practice days soon. Is it spring yet?


The January 2015 mini DiscDogathon players.