Flyball Training

Beginner dog 'Pirate' prepares for a release

Beginner dog ‘Pirate’ prepares for a release

So, you want to try Flyball? Excellent! Flyball is a great dog sport because any dog or human can start training. The only prerequisite is that your dog should know basic commands, and have a solid recall – and you are ready to have fun!
Beginner dogs are worked together in small groups. This includes on leash if needed. Safety is always our priority.

Flyball training is a step by step process. We teach each dog how to walk over jumps, then to go over a jump to their handler. Building on this he will learn to go over all four jumps. During this time we teach the proper way to recall your dog to your left side.
We use many drills and fun games at this stage to strengthen the working relationship.




flyt3Your dog then starts to learn a proper “swimmers turn” – which is how they turn on the Flyball box to retrieve their ball. Next we put all these individual lessons together and your dog will be running the whole Flyball course. Over the four jumps to get the ball on the box, then back over all the jumps to you is a complete run!

Speed is not as important as consistency in Flyball. We use many simple techniques to ensure success and a sense of accomplishment with each lesson.



The last part is now to work with other team members in a “race line up”. Four dogs make up a Flyball race team. Learning to be in a line up and when to release your dog is when things get really exciting.
All of this is done in a positive, reward based training environment. Your dog is happy and having fun – and so are you!
Let’s race!



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